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Saturday, September 3, 2011

San Diego Restaurants: Free Ticket Giveaway for Taste of Downtown 2011

Prepare your tastebuds for the excitement that awaits at San Diego's biggest tasting party!

With over 50 participating San Diego restaurants from the Gaslamp Quarter, East Village and Financial District, you can sample fare from a tried and true favorite, or give the new hotspot a go!

The generous folks over at McFarlane Promotions have been darling enough to throw some schwag this here way, so I've two pairs of giveaway tickets to the 12 Annual Taste of Downtown-2011

That's right ladies and gents, these are absolute freebies! It will cost you the A-mazing price of nothingness to win a pair of tickets here for you and your usual suspect.

or you can use your winnings to:

make peace with an enemy
impress a colleague
dazzle a date
connect two friends who have never met
have a Valentine's Day in September
thank your mother for putting up with you
take a finicky kid (or grown-up) to try new foods
hob nob with downtowners

The Taste of Downtown event is set to take place this Thursday September 8, 2011 from 5-9!

click to see participating event flyer

Tickets are valued at $30 apiece in advance/$35 at the door and can be purchased here

Or you can win them for FREE by adhering to the following:


1).  Follow this blog (by clicking the 'Join this site' icon in the left sidebar of this blog)

Alternatively, you can click on the 'Follow' link on the far left side of the (nearly black) navigation bar located at the very top of this blogsite. 

If you're already following, a hundred-thousand thank yous! Just follow the next step to enter.

2). Leave a comment describing which San Diego restaurant you are longing to check out

That's all folks! 

A couple of muy importante details:

Prizes are limited to those in the San Diego region as they are indeed hard tickets, printed and ready for hand delivery.

Winners will be automatically generated via Randomizer.org

Contest begins now and ends on September 7, 2011 at 5:00pm

Winners will be notified here on the eve of September 7.

Get ready to savor the flavors of downtown San Diego 

Good luck!!!



Mitchooz said...

After all of the foofarah over Circle Of Fifths (steak) and the seafood side of that, I'd like to visit that one soon.
Hoping to see others comment about interesting styles and cuisines.

Chris Banker said...

I haven't had a chance to eat much in the downtown area. Here are a few places that seem interesting:
Knotty Barrel Gastropub
Acqua al 2
Donovan's Prime Seafood

diego said...

I would like to try the Melting Pot. I think I am a little Fondue-phobic.

Armida said...

The Knotty Barrel Gastrupub definitely caught my attention, but so did the Melting Pot. You know, you can never have enough cheese!

Ian said...

I'm not from around here and don't know all the restaurants, but whatever the best vegan one is gets my pick! :)

Unknown said...

i have too been eyeing the melting pot because it sounds so fun!!

Ringo Firefly said...

A meellion thank yous for following, new followers!!! Mitchooz, Diego and 'unknown' make sure to follow this blog to be entered in the contest! Can't wait to see the lucky winners at the Taste of Downtown this Thursday x

Miyuki, Jason & Augustus said...

I would like to try the Melting Pot because I've never been there or tried fondue. I want to see if it's a fon-do or a fon-dont.

Tiny Frank said...

Neighborhood looks interesting. An good looking menu, and killer beer selection. Honestly, I'd just love to have a nice date evening checking out downtown.

Love your blog.

Alecia said...

Ringo, thanks for the offering! Does it count that I follow you on Facebook? On my list: Pamplemousse, NINE-TEN, KITCHEN1540, Cucina Urbana. Mmmm. I'm hungry!

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