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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Sacred Wedge and other Cheese Tattoos

Present day curd nerds have made leaps and bounds since the dairy production days of yesteryears with one remaining constant, a shared love for the very science and art of cheese.

Wearing their passion for the time-honored craft of artisan cheesemaking proudly on their sleeves 
(and other regions of the outermost skin layers), meet a handful of today's cheesemongers:

Sheri LaVigne, Owner/Cheesemonger
The Calf & Kid Artisan Cheese Shop, Seattle
Artist: Lucky - Artful Dodger Tattoo

Jena Davidson-Hood, Owner
Sacred Wheel Cheese & Specialty Market, San Francisco
Artist: Stash - Tattoo 13

Ezekial Ferguson, Cheesemonger
Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia
Artist: Scott Bakoss

Adam Moskowitz, CEO
Larkin, Cold Storage, Long Island City
Artist: Dave C. Walin

Felicia Johnson, Cheesemonger
Taylor’s Market, Sacramento
Artist: Wes, Forever Tattoo

 Why even Melt Bar & Grill  of Cleveland, Ohio honors a 25% discount for every gourmet grilled cheese sandwich the remainder of your life if you can permanently adhere to a cheese logo!

grilled cheese por vida!

Cheese is hip to the jive.

We just don't all know it yet.


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