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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Burrata for Breakfast

Burrata cheese falls into the Italian family and is often referred to as the creamy cousin of mozzarella.

Its main difference is that heaping cream is dolloped into the buffalo mozzarella making it a perfectly soft and buttery cheese good for salads and pastas.

beet and burrata salad

The word burrata actually translates to 'buttery' if you speaka the Italian. If you don't speaka the Italian, it still means 'buttery'.

Fresh burrata cheese was traditionally wrapped in asphodel leaves. A bright green leaf color would indicate the milky cheese freshness.

If the leaves were green the cheese was good to go.

Today it's a snappyquick, nutritious, delicious and ambitious* breakfast.

Whatchoo need:

• Stonefruit (called so because of the pit bearing fruit, hence stone) of your choosing

think nectarines, peaches, cherries, apricots, plums

• a wee bit of balsamic vinegar

• fresh mint

• slivered almonds

• burrata cheese

Cube fruit and toss with balsamic and soupy cheese.
Serve in bowl. Sprinkle some garnishy mint & happy almond goodness atop.

Alternatively, one could roll the tasty mixture into a crepe in a burrito-like fashion..

Although I can't guarantee it will resemble a burrito at all. I can assure you however, it'll be well worth the trouble once you realize how enjoyable it is to mutter 'burrata burrito'.

Pour yourself a cuppo coffee and call it a good morning.


* ambitious as burrata cheese may be a tad difficult to find. If the hunt for this creamy cheese tidbit becomes troubley, order online at igourmet.com


John Kim said...

That's a nutritious breakfast.Yummy

Ringo Firefly said...

Give it a go John! You shan't be disappointed x

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