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Friday, September 30, 2011

Follow the Urban Art Trail - Part One: Ocean Beach, San Diego

A citywide operation to cover up acts of vandalism gave rise to a local beautification project. 

You may recognize a few of these urban works of art from a past walkabout on a warm and beach-sandy day. 

You may not, and if so, please enjoy them now.

I promise you won't have to rinse your feet off after perusing.

enjoy a warm welcome to a breathtaking view from the pierside

city approved utility box artworks throughout

your personal beach greeters

a tribute to Dr. Seuss

Why should it be that the fish in sea are all unable to sing?

a community mural composed from community hand-painted tiles

hand painted by resident children from the Ocean Beach community

warm words of inspiration 

don't forget the mango pancakes at the cafe during the walk to the edge of the pier!

To beautiful pathways and smiley strollabouts



Jenny Cleary said...

I heart OB. I also love when cities paint their utility boxes!

Thanks for sharing!

Ringo Firefly said...

You are more than welcome Jenny! There's heaps of urban street art around these parts. On the hunt for more eyecandied spectacles x

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