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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Offbeat and Nonsensical Photography

Just a few quirky bits of beautiful photographic absurdities

Photo credit: Samuel Bradley

Photo credit: David Zaitz  

 Photo credit: Tony Kim

Photo credit: Jason Lee 

Photo credit: Kristen Schueler

Photo credit: Frank Herfort

Photo credit: Robert Moses Joyce

Photo credit: Larissa Cleveland

Photo credit: Stephane Delbecque 

Photo credit: Robert Moses Joyce

Photo credit: Jason Lee 

Because occasionally it's nice to not need constant coherent meaning, so that we may enjoy the simple sense of making nonsense.

What is the square root of Thursday, I ask?

The answer?

Colorless green ideas can sleep furiously if you stop and give them a chance.

Try making some totally mad, utter, brilliant nonsense today.

Oh, the sillier the better.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

For Thomas

I much enjoy taking to my own mode of transportation, or what I like to call 'The Ankle Express', it's the footwandering kind of travel that has led me to fascinating feats and finds.

During my travels afoot, I've bumbled into a lovely and oh so wandery spot nestled between the bay and the Pacific Ocean in the quaint city of Point Loma.

High above the crashing waves below, sits a site that's rich with history and untold tales, a place screaming to be happened upon.

It also happens to be the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, the final resting place for thousands of
soldiers, many nameless. A quiet place of buried memoirs.

It's a vast gravesite with 101,079 graves, and these days its grounds are closed. There is no longer space available for new casketed remains, so only traces of memories lay frozen in time within this serene, peaceful environment.

 It's a really, rather lovely place for someone fascinated with antiquity and bygone times. A place for someone like me to find solace when little else makes sense in the hustly-bustly, nowaday world.

There's just something about cemeteries that leaves you feeling so alive.

I've made a sort of friend along the way in this calming place, and although we've never met face to face, nor never will, I share and cherish my strong connection with Thomas.

You see, my friend Thomas here is no ordinary boy. 
He only lived to see a slight window of time. Just barely one day on earth, a lifespan cut far too short.

 I wonder what Thomas saw, heard, and felt on that day.

I wonder what thoughts raced through his tiny head, and can only hope that someone held him for the duration of his brief visit here.

I've tried to discover more details about baby Thomas, but despite the vast sphere of the webular world, I know little of him other than what is etched into the face of his tombstone.

I stop by every now and then to pay him proper visits, no less. Usually, I find a cozy spot adjacent to his grave marker in the grassy area beneath the sun. This resty plot of land is so very lovely as it overlooks the sea from above. Here, I read aloud to him. 

I read him tales of grand adventures, epic sword fights, shiny treasures, pirate ships of perfectly creaking wood, talking woodland creatures, journeys to the center of the earth, enchanted hunters, little men and women, and other snippets from the childhood greats.

It's just my way of giving him some sort of childhood, and a good excuse to get lost up in my headspace. 

Besides, I doubt that anyone's ever read to him.

...but therein hangs the unknown tale of the young boy who lived to see only one day.

Farewell sweet Thomas, as I tuck you away with the sun now setting sleepily behind you.
I'll be back for more storytime.

Be well, my beautiful friend.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smile, it raises your face value

Leave the frown behind,
take a smile with you.

It's free and downright contagious.

 It's also far better to catch than the flu.

Tuesday happies.


Friday, May 10, 2013


You needn't be in such a hurry,

with the dog-eat-dog, push and shovey world out there.

Nip a quickymoment in time and space to quiet the mind,

and listen gingerly to the silent sounds of change. 

It's time to wake up and smell the blooming blossoms, sweetheart.

The sachet of sugared scents should give you just enough reason to smile.

Friday Happies


Friday, May 3, 2013

A thousand splendid suns to you

That is my wish for you today...

a pale, rising sun
a long, warmish day

a gentle, breezy afternoon
a lazy dusk of daylight slipping past


a sun-kissed, horizon greeting to a silvery, waxing moon

and the strength to know that the sun will rise again tomorrow

Have a shiny, blazing weekend you lovely sun-chasers.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May day! Mayday!

Ah, May Day...

An international holiday, a distress signal.

 The floaty smell of May flowers
a fond farewell to April showers
The sight of bloomy apple blossoms
from sown seeds of cooler days past
The sound of rustling leaves and swarming bees
A rebirth of nature

All things seem possible in the merry month of May, do they not?

May your day (and May) be golden

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