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Thursday, June 27, 2013

IgNight Fire Festival: Tending to the Embers

Recently, a gathering of kind humans took to the blistering, high desert to gather for a flowtastic conference of fire and fun, a smoldering pow-wow deep in the howling wilderness where kindred spirits can unite beneath a godless sun.

The second annual IgNight Fire Flow Conference summoned the fire-wielding forces from afar to offer a sanctuary of sorts, a place free from hissed whispers and prickly laughs. A place where one can safely grow at the edges.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

Out there in the dead heat of summer, only the boldest of ardent explorers convene to seek inspiration and to pore over the teeming schedule of classes. 

The three day affair commenced with a opening ceremony of the fire community's finest gifting us with a performance fitting for those who favor the flare and flames.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

Local artists clad in fireproof corporate suits, and wielding flaming portfolios and saddlebags, took to fabricating a bit of mockery to the demanding lifestyles expected of the masses in this day and time. 

Here, the Macbook carrying and iPod toting members of UniFier Collektive and Fire Groove set out to grapple the daily grind of modern day living. 

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

To escape the hustley-bustley ways of industrial living, these kindled artists paid proper allegiance to the age of innocence with tales of misspent youth. Only these were no ordinary tales, these were childhood fables set ablaze.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

The Little Mermaid

A ginger-haired, siren maiden of the fiery sea served to remind us the lesson of following your dreams by breaking boundaries, even if they're flaming boundaries.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com


A whole new burn atop a magical, flying fire carpet! Lore has it that the cinder tapestry was swindled shortly after the weekend. Make certain to check the skies above for a burning, intricate, runaway rug.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

Little Red Riding Hood

Seems our red-caped, fire-eater is "everything that a big, bad wolf could want".

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Getting their Hi-ho on while the bass drops.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

Beauty and the Beast

Here Lumièrethe French candlestick, with his fine collection of dancing bone china and household servants 'lit' up the stage welcoming all to "Be their Guest" just moments before the floor opened up to freestyle fire spinning.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

The warmest of welcomes indeed.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

As the night fell, a wild rumpus unfolded onto the fire playground.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

Swarms of red-nosed spinners danced together with flames and smoke as fiercely talented DJ's kept the night jumping.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

It's not everyday that one can rollick beneath the skies and fire clouds above,

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

...and learn the sort of things that only a Djedi knows.

Having lost all my spider senses, I succumbed to the heat-sinking missile, but fortunately there were good humans and curdled reinforcements back at the camp. Yes, eleven rockstar, milk goods made the sweltering journey just to be a part of a cheese bar for our leading night.

By daylight, the eventgoers traipsed about the steamy grounds to attend yoga, flow, and a grand assortment of sensational, inspirational classes.

The fiercely talented Anna Maltese, a real sharp, street-howitzer, archer taught us the tricks of flame throwing, via bow and arrow.

There was an endless sea of white gas to meet the needs of the ambitious fire masses.

...and birthdays were properly celebrated.

The sweltering star in the sky above eventually set behind the mountaintops. As the black of night fell, the evenings were blanketed with the glow that only the heart-happy know.

A handful of clever lads and lasses even harnessed the stirring energy of that giant star to illuminate their solar-powered campsites beneath the Milky Way and the Andromeda skies above.

Photo Credit: kondophotography.com

A beautiful, heart-stirring event amongst beautiful people. 

Oh thank you IgNight, you'll never now how much you feed my hungry, burning heart.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wineocerous Wednesday: It's a Beer! No, It's a Wine! It's Cabernale!

Cabernale - a clever use of portmanteau,
an odd bird of an alcoholic beverage.

Seems the clever folks over at Craftsman Brewing Company have seized the opportunity to Frankenstein their fermented, malted barley by brewing it with a classic red wine grape variety, cabernet sauvignon, creating a fruit beer by-product.

Surprise!!! It's a brew! 

...or what I like to call the beverage with identity issues, as it drinks like a beer, yet tastes much like a red wine. A remarkably interesting glass of "wine".

As a dedicated, consumer of wine, I can't help but be intrigued with this concept. I continue to toss the idea in my head that it's not a very interesting wine, and that it was served at a far too cool of a temperature.

I do admit to finding it quite difficult to refrain from comparing it to wine, but after removing my 'wine hat' to enjoy this experience as a "beer drinker", I have to admit that it's an attractive brew.

From a glance, it appears to be an ordinary glass of Welch's grape juice, perhaps even a Lambic?

On the nose, it's Cab Sauv all the way, yielding its characteristic blackberry, currant and cherry fruits. Following a sip to the palette however, its maltiness steps in to remind you that this is no wine. Its malts and tannins are subtle, it's dry and sour, and then the fruit bomb detonates as it soon becomes tart and puckery.

I trust that this would make for a brilliant gateway beverage of choice for wine drinkers on the path to becoming more beer-friendly and vice-versa.

In the end however, if I do want wine (which is quite often the case), I shall very well order a glass of wine in lieu of this jolly rancher.


A bad wine? 


A wildly interesting brew, with great drinkability that's perfect for summer sipping?

You decide.

Cheese Tips:

Try this with an creamy-dream, smooth, Brunet. The Brunet is a goaty with enough tang to hold up to the bright acid and fruit in this intriguing brew. Just think of a bowl of fresh berries with cream for dessert, and this should take you there.

Additionally, a spoonable, earthy, cow's milk Harbison, by Jasper Hill Farm, would do well with the spritzyness of this sweet ale. It's almost like having biting into a blackcurrant while having the forest all to yourself.


Friday, June 14, 2013

After the MYTH Magic

Like the moonlit wings upon nightfall, the long day waned into the black gauze of night. As the evening fell silent, an enchanting procession of embellished creatures stepped foot into an impossible realm of fantasy, into the epic tale known only as the MYTH Masque Ball.

What's a MYTH Masque ball you ask? Well, it's the sort of place where you're certain to find yourself beneath the cornerstone workings of age-old architecture, illuminated by colors spanning the light spectrum, tucked into a shiny-filled space to mix and mingle with fellow creatives.

It's a sort of sanctuary where the wildest of your fancies have much room to unfold. A place where you can close your eyes to catch fond glimpses of splendid days past, and those marvelous ones that have yet to reveal themselves.

Here, you'll take comfort and solace in the fine company of fae, fiends, and friends. Where characters and clans emerge from the shadows, allowing one to be reminded of how beauty can arise from the darkness shortly after the light of day disperses.

Photo Credit: Brian Erzen

Photo Credit: Jerry Abuan

Photo Credit: Jerry Abuan

Photo Credit: Brian Erzen

Photo Credit: DH Mask

Somewhere between sunset and nightfall, our esteemed guests arrived via Unicorn-driven carriages, and soon settled in for a romp in the grand courtyard to partake in the early evening festivities.

The pomp and pageantry included complimentary pours of absinthe, the enticing green muse, spritzy splashes of fizz, honey-sweet bourbon tastings, Witches Brew, and captivating blends of varied wines for a grand libation celebration like no other.

Following my mythical catering duties, I set forth to amuse in the fanciful tale.

Only, in lieu of glass slippers, I arrived to the ball perfectly outfitted in dragon spikes, silver in color.

Keeping a vicelike grip on the dark forgotten, I took to the evening with a savory crew,

Photo Credit: Cameron Lee Vamp

Then proceeded to parade into the living museum of colorful relics and curious creatures generally seen only amongst the Cimmerian shadows.

Photo Credit: Erich Sayers

Photo Credit: Erich Sayers

Photo Credit: Erich Sayers

For where else in the kingdom can one find celestial saltwater creatures, 

Photo Credit: Brian Erzen

mingling with dark-sparkled, fire dancers,

for a rousing game of make believe?

...and now I've returned to whence I came, with a shredbit of sorrow, and accompanied by a shed tear or two.

Photo Credit: Jerry Abuan

I find solace knowing that the Majesty is scheduled to return in 2014. This should allow enough time to restore the MYTH-shaped hole in my heart.

Until then, my friends.

Photo Credit: Craig Barnes

Happy MYTH'ing

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