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Friday, September 23, 2011

San Diego Restaurant Week Series: Day 6 - Cucina Urbana

'Tis my final day of this cheese exploration,
my insatiable search filled with cadence and narration.

I arrived to the locale with artistic design, 
of much welcomed color, like a summer squash vine.

with seating of coffee burlap and white leather, 
a wine shop within, and it all came together.

The menu highlighted the very occasion,
during Restaurant Week there's no use for persuasion.

A gorgeous pinky-tinted, lavender lemonade,
charcuterie cuts and a formaggio parade.

The Rollingstone chevre with a licorice-like flavored anise,
a drunken Lagrein which could bring the world peace.

On to choose a selection from the special four p's,
Will it be pizza or pasta? pane? piatti?

The open-faced eggplant and melty buffalo mozzarella, 
gobbled up a dessert of apple crisp spiced caramela.

The week is now has ended, and I'm stuffed to thee brim,
with cheese I devoured now I must hit the gym!

For eating one's "whey" in a city so fine,
demands an official extension of the Oakenfold mix kind.

...and of course I heard them exclaim 
(as I waddled from sight),
Happy Restaurant Week 2 to all, and to all a guhnite!


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