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Thursday, September 22, 2011

San Diego Restaurant Week Series: Day 5 - El Agave Tequileria

Happy cinco de restaurant week, I’ve dined at many fine places, 
Still eating my ‘whey’ with a stomach so spacious.

A yearning for drinkstuff from south of the border, 
no passport on hand, I knew just where to order.

I arrived to a haven filled with tequilas for tasting,
with over 2000 brands there was no time for wasting.

There was blanco, reposado, añejo and gold,
a haven of choices no yearning could hold.

A sangrita of tamarindo and peppered tomato with lime, 
to enhance its taste (and make me better with rhyme).

A cobalt blue glass filled to the top with ice water, 
 for tequila* tasting is buzzy, and I know all the smarter.

Chalupas de lobster, cotija cheese sprinkled atop,
the feast was so filling, but I couldn't quite stop.

Filet mignon stuffed with goat cheese and a tequila of dark, I'd need me a wheelbarrow before I disembark.

The caramel flan was a toothsome delight,
but I was filled to the brim, so I had just a bite.

Such a warm tummy feeling and a little bit tipsy,
A perfect of eves for a wandering gypsy.


*tequila - A Spanish word for 
"I don't remember doing that!"

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