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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Diego Restaurant Week Series: Day 3 - Knotty Barrel Gastropub

(continued from Twas the Night Before Restaurant Week Post)

Though quibble you may at the word's definition,
a gastropub locale is well worth the mission

of meandering strolls through a food labyrinth,
I grew quite exhausted, took to lean 'gainst a plinth.

Eureka! A thought in my head turned a light,
I'd find me a sandwich, a cheese-filled delight!

Adventure I'd find in the midst of my blah, 
then I stumbled into a lively brew ha ha.

Corn chowder then a bibb wedge with buttermilk blue dressing,
I was handed an heaping of napkins for messing.

A sandwich of English Cheddar with Telagio Cheese, 
a 'Sarnie' they call it if you very well please.

Gastronomy, the art and science of good eating,
I invite you to join for the week now is fleeting.

Though indecision may or may not be the answer and your appetite fickle,
I invite you to good brews,
deep fried twinkies and pickles.

Knotty Barrel Gastropub


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