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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Diego Restaurant Week Series Day 4 -
Bo Beau

(Continued from Twas the Night Before Restaurant Week Post)

Day four and I'm trotting warm-bellied and smitten, 
I have forged through this city like a curious kitten.

I wandered a further bit close to the shore,
passed a giant majestic front looking glass door,

Then I stepped inside, smiled at the bohemian fittings,
pulled a seat up to the bar, this was no time for quittings.

I searched the wine menu from every which way, 
the barkeep presented an oaked chardonnay.

Then off in a twinkling I heard from a distance,
a snackplate arrived, 'twas the pièce de résistance. 

I squealed in delight at the cheese board of three 
a lavender chevre, manchego, and brie.

with whole grain fresh mustard seasoned vinaigrette 
this dinner of sorts was a fete de la fete. 

I took to the goat cheese and roast beet flatbread,
with curried onion jam and crushed peppers of red.

For dessert basil strawberries, caramel-chocolate souffle
witih a crispy-crunch top of a French creme brulee.

So rare to indulge but for annual celebrations,
and eats mighty tasty, a standing ovation.

2011 San Diego Restaurant Week Prix Fixe Menu



Admin said...

You didnt order any cooked food. Thats where the problem was for us. 5 of 6 dishes were served cold and that was not during restaurant week either. Wish we had a good experience there, like you, but ours was not. We did, however, enjoy you poetry more than the restaurant, so kudos for that! .

Ringo Firefly said...

I'm sorry your Bo-Beau'ing experience was less than perfect. There are so many variables in any given day when it comes to foodservice. Thank you kindly for the feedback. I very much appreciate appreciation x

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