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Friday, September 21, 2012

San Diego Restaurant Week - The Red Door Restaurant and Wine Bar

On this final of days searching for the finest of eats,
we stopped amidst the flutter of the San Diego streets.

I spruced up in a long skirt and my friend, a fine dress.
 We walked to a front door of red to invite happiness.

We stepped in to find a delightful lunch menu to peruse and assess.

Two courses were offered
at fifteen dollars, no less.

We took to dividing and conquering
whilst placing our order,
we'd share the best of both worlds,
and be neither the hoarder.

A salad of greens topped with a parsley vinaigrette,
a perfect of starters for two famished brunettes.

A short rib, danish blue topped sandwich
braised in cabernet,
a side of sweet potatoes perfect for a break in the day.

a vegetable chef's oven baked flatbread hurrah,
a fine choice by a skilled artist 
who can play a mean saw.

Photo Credit: gypsygroove.net

Quite stuffed to the gills,
when suddenly my second belly,
opened up for desserts meant for figures painted by Botticelli.

A rich, banana cream pie, with a walnutty crust,
I'll spend days in the gym now for sweets so robust.

But while splurging why have only one if you may?
For by sharing, we reaped an added butterscotch creme brulee.

When you're stumped on a lunch choice, and there's more than umpteen,
walk right through that front red door for contemporary, comfort cuisine.

Alas, my work now is done,
for the week has drawn to a close,
Now if you'll kindly excuse me,
 I'm off to weep away my last bit of throes.

All delicous of things must come to an end, so it goes.



Tina Walker said...

Looks pretty amazing!! I'll be heading out there soon! On my list now!

Trish, owner, The Red Door said...

Thank you for the lovely tribute! We're so glad you enjoyed and your photos are fab. Do you really play the saw?

Ringo Firefly said...

@Tina: Yes, yes, pay The Red Door a visit. It's lovely for lady lunching/brunching x

Ringo Firefly said...

@Trish: Delighted to do so, thanks for running a tight ship. You guys make it easy! I don't play the saw, my talented friend Bianca does. She's with a local, hot jazz band by the name of Gypsy Groove. They're dreamy! Lend them an ear, you won't be disappointed! We both had a fantastical visit, thank you!

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