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Monday, September 10, 2012

San Diego Restaurant Week Kickoff Event - A Ringo Schwag-away

It's beginning to look a lot like
San Diego Restaurant Week!

Yes, it's that special time of year again boys and girls.

A week for the finer things in life.
A week to satiate in the grand splendor of gourmandizing, a week for self-indulgent food frenzies of the delicious kind.

Back by popular demand to define the art of dining, is our beloved culinary tradition featuring prix fixe menus from 180+ best restaurants throughout America's Finest City.

Which means it's time for another Ringo Schwag-away!

You can thank the darling folks over at McFarlane Promotions, for this limited opportunity to seize an all you can eat and drink sneak preview of the much anticipated, fit for royalty goodness known the region over as #sdrwtaste2012!

This fantastical foodie event will also feature live music by Mr. David Patrone with swanky, plush lounge seating, recreating an era that preceded most of our births, for a truly enjoyable evening.
This exclusive event is set for this Friday, September 14th from 5-9pm at the Broadway Pier in the Port Pavilion.

My friends, this means that you can get a head start on Restaurant Week with this never before featured kickoff event, a select, first look at what to expect in the upcoming week of toothsome eats.

This select preview event with unlimited food and drink can be yours for the taking, as tickets are available for purchase here:


You can win a pair of tickets on this here babblesite for you and a date, a friend, or a loved one.

Why you can even befriend an enemy to join you at this inaugural event should you find yourself the lucky winner of this here contest.

Yes genties and ladlemen, this means that you've the fighting chance at two tickets, valued at $150 bucks, for zero, zip, nada, zilch, nil, diddly-squat!

Just a gracious thank you for reading, readers!

Contest Rules:

1).  Follow this blog by clicking on the "Join this site" icon in the lower left sidebar of this blog.

Alternatively, you can click on the 'Follow' link on the far left side of the (nearly black, charcoal?) navigation bar located at the very top of this blogsite.

If you're already following, a hundred-thousand thank yous! Just follow the next step to enter.

2). Leave a comment here, preferably describing which San Diego restaurant you would like to visit.

That's all folks! 

A few muy importante details:

Prize is limited to those in the San Diego region as these are indeed hard tickets ready for hand delivery by yours truly.

Winner will be automatically generated via Randomizer.org

Contest begins now and ends on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 5:00pm

Winner will be notified here on the eve of September 13th, 2012.

Go on now, you haven't the time for dilly'ing, nor dally'ing!

Let out a notch in that belt loop, and win yourselves a delicious night out, to include preview tastes of San Diego's largest and most anticipated food event of the year.

Good luck, luckypants, and thanks for reading, readers!



besosforpesos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
livia machado said...

hey, this will be to celebrate our annyversary. we started hanging out last year aroun this restaurant week fun. yay. one year annyversary and many more!!!!

Sheri said...

Oooh ! Squeal! I'd love to check out Indigo. My folks are in town for 2 weeks and I'd love to take them to this. I've been wanting to check out Indigo Grill for awhile, but who knows, sometimes during Restaurant Week you end up at places you didn't know of before. So in!

Vicky said...

Awesome giveaway, I'd like to visit Kensington Grill, I've been once and everything we had was delicious!

diego said...

I would like to visit Cowboy Star. I have heard alot about it but have not made it there yet.

mink said...

Me,me, me! I want to be called Luckypants!!

Anne N. said...

I'm looking forward to Santa Monica Seafoods! I really want to check it out. Thanks for the chance!

HeliciaP said...

I am looking forward to El Agave. I have heard a lot about it. Hope I win!

Ringo Firefly said...

Thanks to all who've entered! Just a quick reminder to all contest participants, please complete your entry by making sure you're following this blog. Thanks heaps, loyal platform divers and heaps of luck to allofyous x

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