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Monday, September 17, 2012

San Diego Restaurant Week - Old Venice

Should hunger strike midday, and you've no time for munching,
take a trip to Old Venice for a quick bit of lunching.

With its all white decor, and a heaven's aroma,
you'll find yourself snug in the heart of Point Loma.

Being bathed in all white, you may think if you might,
it's a swank bit of space with its twinkling light.

If the fancy gives way to expect a bill that's sky high,
you'll be pleased for it won't cut into your money supply.

For a featured lunch menu at only ten dollars,
two filling, rich courses that may leave you to holler.

Immediately, you'll be served a hot, fresh, 
bread-stuffed basket,
take delight in the tearing for tisket and tasket.

Course one was a salad of gourmet greens and pineapple,
an ensalada venicia, my smile turned happy-go cackle.

Course two arrived, steaming hot, chipotle and spicy,
I was pleased and quite stuffed to the gills oh so nicely.

For frown as you may at the cost of dining aplenty, 
During Restaurant Week, you can feast 
for quite under a twenty.

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