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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Off to the Hungry Races: An Ode to San Diego Restaurant Week

Down the stretch, here they come, 
the standout eats, one by one.

From the smashing success of the Kickoff soiree,

 the tasties and foodbits beside the mild bay,

to the edges of the county, I make my merry way

in search of good eats, I'll try as I may.

To stuff my fly belly with feasts of flambé,

a sparkling water, so named...

So be it, the courses may come as they may, I'll eat the full plates 'til they whisk them away.

To the clock's very time, of twelve, six, and nine,
this goose will rejoice with fine glasses of wine.

from the region, New Zealand, Argentina to France, 
now where did I leave my fat, stretchy pants?

Tasked with sifting through the week's most fine and dine choices,
to appease the demand of the fine citizen's voices.

Now to look beyond the ears of my horse, and the growl in my stomach.
I do not expect the weight now to plummet.

For there are no tastier ways through six days, 
so to speak,
I now invite you to join me through Restaurant Week.

Game on


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