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Thursday, September 20, 2012

San Diego Restaurant Week - 100 Wines

Day five of this gut stuffing Restaurant Week,
make your way down to Hillcrest,
if it's wine that you seek.

A rustic European bistro, 
with notes of classic old world charm,
stop on your much needed detour to the state funny farm.

With 100+ wines of the worldliest choices,
it's a certain pit stop to quench the thirstiest of voices.

You'll amuse in the first taste of hummus and chickpeas,

but you mustn't be fooled for it's only a tasty bit tease.

Then a board with a whipped, lavender-dusted,
 and fennel goat cheese,

don't fill as of yet, as the courses arrive by the threes.

Enjoy a tender bone with a hole, 
a Pork Osso Bucco shank, 
dressed in a carrot ragu that won't clean out your bank.

Make certain to make room for dessert that's well worth the while,
carry through to the finish for a 100 watt smile.

For partaking in a week's worth of dining perfection,
When it's all said and done, 
look after that swollen midsection.



gaye g,p said...

Oh, Friend of my Son, your blog posts make me HUNGRY. And wishing I still lived near the places you review.
Well, I've bookmarked you and will consult when I'm ready to sneak west to visit my youngest. And meanwhile, I'll read you just for the hunger of it.
Glad you wished B a happy birthday, and was therefore able to "discover" you.

Ringo Firefly said...

Thank you kindly for stopping by and discovering my little world here. It's a good place to call home around these parts! And a greater thank you for having such an amazingly talented son. Come visit anytime. The welcome mat will always be out for you x

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