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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crap or Cone? A Story of Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa

Jedimaster of love, gratitude, and personal growth.
A fuschia topped visionary, an extraordinary human,
and a beautiful friend. 

Photo Credit: www.lifestudent.com

I'm especially fond of his recent talk with TEDx honoring lessons learned from his grandfather in this delightful rendering about choosing which moments in life to tend to.

Grandpa Caleb
Photo Credit: laughingsquid.com

Either focusing on the ice cream cone* proudly clutched in the hand above your head,

*ice cream cone representing all that is good;
laughing babies, your favorite music, sunsets, 
and of course, ice cream.

Photo Credit: the-b00m.tumblr.com
or focusing on the dog crap** cemented like a stubborn barnacle beneath your foot.

Photo Credit: newagedentists.com

 **the role of dog crap being, well just that, the crappy things in life.

You can't tend to both at the same time.

I find it's a lovely summary of the reality of life.

Do yourself a favor and watch this for some feel-good happies.

and remember,

 The universe is conspiring in your favor,
focus on the positive.

...and don't forget to lick life one day at at time.

 Photo Credit: www.lifestudent.com

for more on Halcyon and his remarkable grandfather, 
visit the following sites:




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