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Friday, May 25, 2012

Spinning in Paradise

It's a floaty little sort of Friday, and I must congratulate all you end of week seekers for making it through yet another workweek.

The weekend now lies upon us, and I'm set to take to the skies, San Francisco bound for a weekend of music, mirth and merriment. An annual event otherwise known as the Rock and Rose Festival thrown by my darling friendmates Ethan and Luciana.
It's a beautiful day long event filled with gorgeous music, beautiful food and folks. The event concludes with a spectacularly choreographed fire performance. I'm set to light up my fire hula hoop tomorrow eve, to close out the day with these enchanting and radiant beings.

The Solstice Fire Dancers

I am very much looking forward to the festivities.
It's going to be really, rather brilliant.

I'll have so much to share with allofyous upon my return, but for now, please enjoy this lovely video filmed and produced by local San Diegan, Eric Long, creative experimental film student.

He did a fantastical job capturing us in our very element. Spinning fire beside the water on the shores of Fiesta Island, while the sun slowly bid us a fond farewell from behind us.

It really captures the beautiful spirit of us Southern Californian, beach-loving, firestarters.

Have a beautiful weekend, whatever you do.


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