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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cheese Photography

It's decadent, indulgent, but it's also really, rather beautiful when presented artistically. Photographer Katie Quinn Davies really knows how to get the mouth to watering.

The following are images taken on assignment with The Gourmet Grocer Balmain, voted Best Cheese Shop in Sydney 2011 by the Sydney Morning Herald.

One glance at these dishy images and you'll see why.

 get a load of these beauties

Clothbound Cheddar

Shropshire and friends

a few bits of the tasties
 the spoonables

I have a sneaking suspicion that cheese makes an excellent photographic subject, being so quiet, tasty and well-behaved.

Perhaps, it may very well be the dream of every newborn cheese wheel to one day grow to become a beautiful cheese model. Can't you just see these cheeses promoting products, agencies, events, clothing lines and the sort? 
I'm sure these natural beauties need little airbrushing, and they're far from waify. 
I'd be willing to bet that they even eat carbs for breakfast.

Please enjoy the following photographic cheese artworks:

A game of cheese Jenga anyone?

I believe these cheesy beauts are well poised for long, successful careers.


Don't forget to smile all the livelong day and remember to "Say Cheese".

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