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Friday, May 11, 2012

And May the Best Cheese Maker Win

As I stumble and bumble on this new cheese making path of mine, I've seized the opportunity to enter my homemade cheeses into the inaugural San Diego County Fair Amateur Cheese Making Contest.

An event championed by our cheese club, Queso Diego

By no means am I competitive by nature, but I do feel it's appropriate for a Cheese Club Vice President sort of self, (myself), to participate in the delicious, good fun.

Oh, the suspense is terrible!
I hope it'll last!

My entries?
I'm throwing two cheeses into the ring.

In the red corner weighing in at four ounces (per contest rules), a homemade "Lights Out" cream cheese made using drizzlebits of amaretto, toasted slivered almonds, plus dried cranberries and apricots.

This cheese is a real freestyle fighter, an everyday favorite suited well for tasting.

And in the blue corner (also weighing in at four ounces), the fierce "Undertaker" Queso Fresco, quite possibly prepared with roasted garlic and herb seasonings yet to be determined!

No matter how I fare, it's really a win-win for me, because I intend to make an almond slivered topped cheesecake with the remaining cheese (for purely selfish, non-competitive reasons). 

I also have in mind to make some sweet, caramelly plantains (or Plátanos Calados) to go with a bit of the freshly made queso fresco.

Happy plantains make for happy folks

Anticipating the process of entering a homemade cheese making contest, has tangled up my emotions into tied up knotty bits at the moment, but in a very good "whey".

Any local folks interested in getting in on the Cheese Off should note that the submission deadline is set for 11:59pm tonight!

Interested parties can apply here

Cheeses must be ready one week from today.

It appears as though I've a delicious cheesemaking weekend cut out for me.

I suppose that's what happens when you enter a food contest while sweet-toothed.

Entry alone earns me two tickets into the Homemade Wine and Cheese Tasting and Awards Ceremony Tasting event where only ticketholders will be admitted, no exceptions.

Which means I've an extra ticket to the tasty good fun set for Saturday, June 16th.

Care to join me? 

Anyone interested in attending the taste off should leave me a message and/or comment. 

In the meantime, please kindly wish us homemade cheese makers heaps of luck as we venture off into this fine cheese making "rat race"of sorts, if you will.

Let the games begin!

A beautiful weekend to allofyous.



G@Curds and Wine said...

Good luck, Ringo! Can't wait to test taste your Queso Fresco. I entered feta and ricotta salata. Hope our fresh cheeses make it through the wait from entry to judging.

Ringo Firefly said...

Likewise my friend!!! Should be some tasty good fun no matter how it goes. Thanks for showing me the queso fresco ropes x

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