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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Come on Down to Caine's Arcade - A Miniature Feel Good Film

This here is the story of a young dreamer, just nine years old, by the name of Caine. Using his available resources, he designed and assembled a makeshift cardboard arcade within his father's auto part store.

 Enthusiastically opening his shop regularly each weekend, Caine hoped a customer would one day come.

Sadly, there were none.

Not a single one until one afternoon when good samaritan and independent filmaker, Nirvan Mullick ran into the arcade (quite by happenstance) in search of a used door handle for his '96 Corolla.

After purchasing a five hundred turn fun pass for two dollars from the delighted boy, he set forth to reward Caine's tenacity, and to make one child's dream come true.

Please enjoy this short film and the feel good happies that ensue. 

Hope is alive and well,
and it's for sale at Caine's Cardboard Arcade.

Makes the air a little sweeter to breathe, doesn't it?


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