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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Really-Real Ring of Fire

Yesterday, from within a narrow corridor along the Earth's Northern Hemisphere, a few of us lucky skywatchers enjoyed a rare opportunity to enjoy a really-real ring of fire shining in the sky up above.

The 2012 solar eclipse unquestionably summoned us coastal residents to gather. Wielding solar filters, sunglasses and microbrews, the neighbors and I took to the rooftops beneath the hazy, apocalyptic looking sky to enjoy the once in a fifteen year opportunity.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Not knowing whether what we were witnessing was Pac-Man or a real solar eclipse, we seized this rare chance to catch the moon passing in front of the sun leaving behind only a luminous ring around its edges.

Lucky us here in the western United States part of the world, having such favorable circumstances that allowed us to enjoy this spectacular sight, known the world over as an annular solar eclipse.
Annular borrowed from the Latin word "annulus", meaning little sky.

A view from our little San Diego coastal paradise.

Photo Credit: Dan Courneyor

Please enjoy the following global images taken of the great shadowing of the sun.

Photo Credit: Steven Hausler

As seen southwest of Ellis, Kansas.

Photo Credit: Toru Takahashi

As seen in the sky over Tokyo, Japan.

Solar Eclipse
Photo Credit: John Hart

 At the rear of a pair of crosses nestled in a field in Ixonia, Wisconsin.

Photo Credit: Bullit Marquez

From the coastal town of Gumaca, Quezon in the Philippines.

Philippines Ring of Fire Eclipse
Photo Credit: Bullit Marquez

Gumaca, Quezon

Photo Credit: Michael Underwood

Peering behing the mountainside in Uncompahgre Park near Lake City, Colorado

Photo Credit: Joel Dykstra

Over Roswell, New Mexico

Photo Credit: Chris Fabri

Among palms in North Phoenix, Arizona

Photo Credit: Michael Chow

Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona

Catching the moon lining up perfectly with our Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth was an astonishing sight to behold.

Photo Credit: JAXA/Hinode

It was a good reminder of the comings and goings of our daily lives. The obscurations, the interruptions (as the moon did so with the very light reflected from the sun).

Photo Credit: JAXA/Hinode

To me, it also signifies spiritual growth and changes for the better.
Letting go, clearing out old, stale energy, and making room for fresh, new starts.

Photo Credit: Unknown

It's a beautiful place to call home around here.
Thanks for the kind reminder, Universe.


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