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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pocket Sized Food Art

Artist Shay Aaron has taken to carefully constructing dollhouse sized food sculptures made entirely by hand at a 1:12 scale.

The result?

A grand feast perfectly proportioned for the Lilliputians!

Using scrapbits of polymer clay, metal, ceramic and resins, these teensy, little whimsical replicas look good enough to eat.

a miniature bed of greens

for the itty bitty primates

pee-wee sized sandwich fixins

a real pocket pizza

a teeny-tiny crabby platter

a munchkin sized turkey dinner 

breakfast in bed for the littles

mini falafel and Greek fixins

a stack of dime pancakes

a squealworthy cheese plate fit for the nice mice

and a trifling bit of dessert 

A man after my own heart.

 For more bite sized treats make certain to pore over his Flickr site 


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