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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seven deadly cheese and chocolate sins, a meal fit for rapture

Check-checkity... All systems go? No human combustion, nor apocalyptic doom?


I am so pleased that you've managed to evade the wrath of rapture, and a much anticipated end of days. 

This calls for a proper celebration, and what better way to celebrate the very survival of the human race than with cheese and chocolate* for a delicious

Giving little thought to whether this would indeed be my last meal on earth, I decided to forgo substance for indulgence.

Ready for a sweet  fix, or two, or seven?


Start with a creamy and light chevre
 cheese paired with a decadent truffle whose delicate, thin chocolate  wall is just one bite away from rupturing into a gooey caramel  flashflood of goodness inside your mouth.

Trust that you will be left calm after the storm with a lovely sea salt ending...


Tomme brulee cheese from the Basque, France region.
 Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's a bruleed, roasty, nutty little scrumpet of cheese
 fit for partaking in utter gluttony.

Besides, giving it a tasty go is a much less precarious experience than any asteroid impact you may have been expecting recently. 

As an added treat, pair with a date and honey milk chocolate piece


Since we happen to still be upon the good earth, why not have a sliver of fleur de la terre cheese?
(fleur de la terre literally means flower of the earth)

A pairing with an exotic and rich dark ganache
spiced with chili pepper would be far more enlightening
than a gamma ray burst from a distant galaxy.


Howsabout a fresh crumbling of Venezuelan ricotta
 cheese in lieu of the collapse of earth's surface? It's all the more better when displaced with a bit of olive oil and sinfully dark chocolate shavings. 

  Disclaimer - This one is deathly. 
Don't say I didn't warn you about the possibility of perishing in its aftermath.


Next partner a mango, ginger and white Stilton
 with white chocolates.
Add a few honeydew and kiwi slices.

Trust me, it goes down like cheesecake, and you may not wish to consume anything further for your remaining days on earth.


 Let's not forget the perfectly paired blues.
Select a creamier blue such as the Rouge et Noir Marin French variety. 

Include a mild clove and cocoa powder based chocolate to balance the blue's saltiness.


For dessert have a handful of dark and white chocolate cheesecake lollipops

need I say more?


So, in case you did wake up this morning to find that the rapture was all just a dream,
what better way to realize that you exist than by taking delight in deliciousness?

Wine Tip:
Have fun and play with a variety of wines as both reds and whites will bring various layers to your cheese and chocolate tasting experience.


As a side note, I believe I would have made a lovely Mrs. Willy Wonka. If only I could have clenched my grabby little hands on just one of those shiny, golden tickets!
curses profusely #*!@#%!!?#! WTF?!?!! 


 I am quite certain that I am but one of dozens of potential suitors vying for Mr. Wonka's affections.


I am elated to share the news that I've been recently appointed a San Diego Restaurants Examiner! A part time gig I'll be devouring this summer.

Stay tuned for wine and dine adventures with Ringo Firefly.
There is one thing I can say with utter confidence...
If a really-real D-day does arrive, and I have the rare opportunity to meet my maker (who I always believed to be my mother), I shall do so while fat and happy.

A gracious, thank you for having survived the day to end all days with me. It is indeed, a great cause for celebration, and you owe it to yourself to splurge now.

Join me in the divine chocolate and cheese intervention of epic proportions.

Is has been spoken...


* additionally, it's also Gene and Dean Weens fourth studio album, but those are just my wandering headthoughts**

** lead into even more wandering headthoughts


Dey said...

Fabulous! I feel fat just reading this...

Ringo Firefly said...

Ah, the bliss of fat free reading... Thanks a mil x

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