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Friday, May 6, 2011

Forget me mother not

It's a lovely surprise when one has an accidental collision with the efforts of beautiful souls...

Meet San Francisco's very own Jeff Waldman, who has taken to his own happiness projects

This Mother's Day, he has concocted two creation stations that offer postal supplies at no cost to those fortunate to walk past his kiosks. He sends a simple, yet powerful statement.

 Remember your mother

Photo by Jeff Waldman
This year, why not start a happiness project for the woman who made you eat your vegetables, took your temperature, toted you to practice, insisted that you floss everyday, scratched on your head when you were ailing, taught you that it wasn't very ladylike to smash batteries on the driveway with a sledgehammer to discover what they contained, and spent three quarters of a year to ensure your presence on the face of the earthtop?

I welcome you to follow and become inspired by his Happiness Projects here:

Make happiness happen...

To all the strong and lovely mamabirds with us today, and to those who souls remain in our hearts eternally, have a beautiful Mother's Day.

Colossal mama hugsquishes to you!


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