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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy little snow-coney weekend

Here we are again wrapping up another lovely weekend. I hope all you motherladies enjoyed a much needed day of relaxing and pampering.

For day of the mothers, my spawnling treated me to a go on the Giant Dipper rollercoaster by the sea, and a mahoosive shaved ice treat. As we took nostalgic delight in the icy snow-coney goodness, I thought to myself that if there was a way to place a snow-cone into the hands of each and every living being, it could revolutionize the world as we know it!

How could you possibly prevent an ear to ear grin from forming after diving into the delicious, taste the rainbow of snow-cone goodness? 

It was his idea of a perfect day, and I have to agree that he was absolutely correct. It was perfectly perfect.

Additionally, I realized that I was somewhat of a lunatic for having considered leaving this beautiful city for a job, for it is not often one gets to stroll by the seaside, snow-cone in hand, the sun smiling down upon you, a giant historic wooden coaster and an amazing teen beside you.

Our afternoon was followed by some lovely dining with the dear nephew, sis, and brother in law. Our schedule for eats was far too late to be considered lunch or brunch, and far too early to call supper, so I will simply refer to it as a lovely, unplanned yet well-timed 'brinner'.

Our initial brinner location was ripping at the seams from Mother Day celebratory whatnots at nearly 3:30 in the afternoon. I placed my name on the eternal wait list (which closely resembled the constitution of the United States), for the much awaited dining experience, (roughly one hour +).

As I walked away, I thought to myself how silly it was to wait that long for a tablespot, so we sought a second location. It suited us just as marvelously, and the lovely little afternoon carried on.

Shortly after being seated, I realized that I stole the restaurant pager from the first locale. Egads! There it was resting at the bottom of my bag staring back up at me. Just another Mary Poppins-like item for me to dig up while searching for my lip gloss in the abyss of a purse that I carry. I was immediately stricken by an overwhelming and allluring desire to keep the pager, simply because I don't know of a soul who owns one, but I thought to myself what does one do with such an item besides wait for it to blink wildly?

Retrieve it when I sign for my next wait list, and politely reply "No thank you, I've brought my own?".  I then further considered how many restaurants are using pager technology, and furthermore, will restaurant pagers become passe and evolve onto restaurant cell phones, and evenfurthermore, just how far can one wander from the premises before its radar loses the possibility of sounding a starving, anxious guest? 

You'll be pleased to know that the pager was returned accompanied by an apology and with very little concern for it on the rightful owners side of things. I don't believe it would have mattered one way or another, whether I seized it or not, and I'm pleased I didn't keep it for curiosity's sake. I certainly wasn't expecting a parade in my honor, but I suppose there is little gratitude for pager stealing thieves.

Needless to say, I was more than amused to watch my very own spectacle. My thieving, restaurant pager days are behind me now.

I hope your weekend was as A-mazing as you are.

Much love



Mark said...

Good one Ringo. And I really like the photos-especially the last one.

Eric said...

I'm glad the pager was returned to his home.... Twas a delightful day :)

Ringo Firefly said...

I kindly thank you for the support Mark and Eric! Enjoy x

mark r said...

I really enjoy your humor and pictures ;)

Ringo Firefly said...

A gracious thank you!

Cora Bullock said...

Haha, what a boo-boo with the restaurant pager! You’ll be relieved to know, however, that it’s something that does in fact happen on a regular basis with restaurants that use this version of the restaurant paging system, which is why the restaurant owner didn’t seem the slightest bit surprised. I say “this version” because it’s been little more than a year since this post, and a new version has evolved from the old. You mentioned “restaurant cellphones” as if you were predicting the future, haha! Many restaurants are now employing wireless paging systems that involve a cloud application for customers’ mobiles. Instead of carrying around a pager that might be misplaced or, as in your case, brought out of the restaurant unwittingly, customers will now have to just check their mobile phones because the restaurants can now send them text messages to alert them about their table.

Ringo Firefly said...

...and to think I wasn't going to learn a damn thing today! Thanks heaps for the details, Cora! Friday happies to you x

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