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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bone Appetit – Adventure Dining at La Jolla's Whisknladle

Long taking a backseat to side dishes, bone marrow dishes have seized the main stage with star appearances throughout restaurant circuit acts. La Jolla's Whisknladle offers a unique and bold option for the adventurous diner, a charred bone marrow dish. One taste of the seasoned bone will allow anyone to see why pups can spend hours on end gnawing at the tasty bits.

The success of this locale is attributed to the hand that rocks the ladle, Executive Chef and partner Ryan Johnston, and his farm to table philosophy. At Whisknladle, all menu items are prepared in house, including the butter heavily schmeared atop the toasted Texas bread that accompanies the steer cow bone. Although not for the texture wary, marrow is enjoyed by removing it from the bone (much like an oyster is shucked from its half shell), and spread onto its bread counterpart just before devouring. 

Whisknladle offerings include a rotational menu and craft cocktails made with soul. Savor the ladle’s London's Burning, a far more grown up bloody mary. This signature drink is created by infusing roasted jalapeños into water. The addition of citrus, cilantro and avocado lends to its calming shade of peppery green. However, be fair warned this one’s a real firestarter, as it yields a good kick from the very first spiced sip.

Try the London's Burning as a daring option

Bar fixins to delight those seeking a fresh cocktail thrill

Another showstopper on the menu is the Crows Path Bloomsdale Spinach Salad. Dressed in mustard bacon vinaigrette, a slow cooked, floaty egg rests atop a leafy bed of spinach with added bits of pork chicarrones. Toss, then take delight in getting to the doughy center of the toy sized croutons.

Plunge into this leafy, spinach salad fit for adventure

The ladle offers a vast selection of menu items bold enough to satisfy any adventurous diner. For those wishing to steer clear of bone gnawing, Whisknladle showcases far more comfortable, and less spine-tingly menu options. With seared ahi, burgers served a la loco moco (fried egg) style, and small tapas plates. 

Don't forget a grand finale by asking for the “Stressed Spelled Backwards” menu. The marscapone cheesecake is a toothsome delight with candied pistachios, meyer lemon shavings, rhubard soda and a few spoonfuls of blackberry sorbet. A treat well earned after stepping out of your comfort zone to savor something new.

Take delight on the monster-sized ware decor throughout the Whisknladle


1044 Wall St. 

La Jolla, Ca 92039 

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