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Monday, May 2, 2011

Glide with wingfeathers

How happyfaced I am at this moment to wrap up the weekend shenanigans stuffed with such utter beauty. Sharing birthday cakewishes with dear loved ones, dancing with fire and fiery souls, sharing stories of naive adolescent adventures with mother and the family fleshums.

Wrapped it up with a perfect fine meal finale joined by the young ladboy, topped by a decadent dessert. The highlight was a musical accompaniment by our very own local Daniele Spadavechhia. His performance this eve was so raw and goosebumpy.
It's not often that I am moved to tears.

There is a eating place I like to frequent just a hop, step and a wee jump away from my lilypad by the name of Ciao Bella. It's where I landed this eve. It's a quaint and darling locale... The food is lovely, the Italian wine fantastic, the music inspiring, but above all, I continue to visit not only because of the dreamdrooly, foximus Italian servers, but simply because it just feels like home.

The owner, Francesco 'MadItalian' Mezzetti, is always there to greet his guests with an ear-to-ear grin, a monsterhug, and a blushwarmy, double-cheek kiss welcome. His staff continues to amaze me as jedimasters of customer service.

Though I may never quite know whether it was happenstance or fate, Daniele, their guitar soloist selected a gorgeous gypsy cover of Jimi Hendrix' Fly on Little Wing tonight, executed with brilliant perfection. As I glanced away to hide the tears of joy from cascading down my face, my eyes met a glass window, its frame perfectly bordering the word wing, from a silly little tourist emporium mart beyond.
It was a moving, life-changing experience to say the least. 

I fiercely believe that sometimes the signs scream at you, yet we often fail to hear them. I now know well that these signs are no longer falling on deaf ears. I continue to experience a strong sense of contentment as I hear my calling, and I have to admit for the very first time, everything just feels right.

Remember that gut feeling you experienced once at your very core, only to kick yourself at a later time, thinking all the while "I knew it"? Learn to listen to that internal cry, for it is your intuition speaking to you, and it's there for good reason.

I challenge you this week to truly listen to it. Allow yourself to tune into this calling, guide you, and drive you forward to glide onto your lifepath with your head up high. If you're teeter-tottering along your journey,  I warmly remind you to glide with wings, as I was reminded to do so tonight.

If you're a rock-solid vision of stability across the board, then I congratulate you for a life well-lived and learned. Gliding is certainly not a skill any of us (human or not) are born with.

Embrace the challenges that lie before you daily...
They will help you grow.

Embrace the naysayers...
They will motivate you to succeed.

Embrace your failures along with your achievements...
Think of your trials as experiments.
You will learn from the process, and failure is far better than regret.

Don't forget that mistakes come along with being human.
It's the reason there are erasers on the end of pencils.

Hope you are well-rested, and ready to glide through your week.
Arrivederci mie cari amici!


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