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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

 Do you fancy a thrilling motorcycle drive down the warm Baja coast to greet a tequila lobster and margarita dinner by sunset this time of year?

Or does the very thought of ta-kill-ya activate an adverse nail on chalkboard reaction deep within you?

Seeing that it's nearly Cinco De Mayo (and I'm pretty much down here in the Mexico part of the world), I thought I'd have a little lesson on one of the most recognizable products from the United Mexican States, tequila (aka vino mezcal, or just the demon liquid).

There are several varieties of the agave product. Now pay attention...
silver (often named blanco, or plata, or white, or platinum)
clear, sweet, pure blue agave, generally unaged
1800 Select Silver/1921 Tequila Blanco/Agave Dos Mil Tequila Blanco

Afamado Tequila Blanco

gold (joven, oro)
caramel colored, el cheapo
generally used for margarita fixins
try a Casa Noble Tequila Joven in lieu of Cuervo Gold

reposado (rested, aged)
golden in color, woodsy, barrel aged from two to eleven months
The Arco de Cabo tequila reposado/The Amate tequila reposado/The familiar Cazadores bottle to your left

      añejo (vintage)
even darker
aged for a minimum of twelve months by order of the Mexican government

extra añejo (ultra aged)
fancy-schmancy, schpensive, schtuff,
the veterans of tequila are aged for three years
Corrida Tequila Extra Añejo/El Gran Julileo Tequila Extra Anejo

Mezcal is a distilled beverage made from a form of agave.
Most famously known for having a worm in the bottle.
It is neither a tequila, nor a hallucinogenic, and if you're no longer in college, you shouldn't be having a worm your beverage.

If you're not having a margarita, try to stick 'Tequila 100% de agave' or "Tequila 100% puro de agave" labels, and opt out of the mixto varieties. They will just say 'tequila' on their face, and they tend to contain a jungle-juicy, smorgasboard of artificial coloration and questionables.

 Now if only I could type rolling r's, in a meowy, purrlike font...


Thank you kindly!
Feliz! Feliz!



Andrew Quinones "Fleshjunkie" said...

You never cease to amaze me. I really enjoyed the liquor lesson.

Ringo Firefly said...

Thanks a mil for the kind words! 'Fleshjunkie' suits you brilliantly considering how many visitors you've had on the gurney slab x

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