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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday happies to Roger Hargreaves of Mister Men and Little Miss Notoriety

I'm a wee bit tardy on this one, but my schedule only allows me to visit the blogosphere quite late in the evening. If you happen to be blogging at this nightowly hour, for sleep's sake get to bed!

Had you conducted a google search at any time today (today being several hours ago), you may have discovered that this day marked the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, creator of the charming Mr. Men and Little Miss series from youthful days past.

These darling cartoony-characters taught us youngsters about various human behaviors, temperament, and how to interact/coexist with each mood accordingly.

As I've done a bit of growing up, I have come to realize that these cartoony-characters may have had some debilitating personality disorders.

If perchance, you sadly missed out on these childhood characters as a youngster, please enjoy them at this time.

Mr. Smug Little Bastard

Little Miss Shut Your Flapjaw

Mr. Slob-o Pigfilthpen Hoarder

Little Miss Control Freak

Little Miss 211 PC

Mr. Self Absorbed Slothbucket

(as a side note, one could speculate that with the mere addition of a goldiewig, Mr. Greedy looks strikingly similar to)...

Or is it just me?

Little Miss Attention-Seeking Whore

Ah, Little Miss Sunshine...
The darlingest of the bunch.

 That's it! You're a Psychiatrist now, you don't need no stinkin' DSM IV diagnostic criteria!
Just remember your Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, and you'll be certain to identify any and all mental illness!

I've compiled a list of these characters for your review:

Mr. Men Lads

Mr. Busy
Mr. Chatterbox
Mr. Clumsy
Mr. Dizzy
Mr. Funny
Mr. Fussy
Mr. Grumpy
Mr. Impossible
Mr. Jelly
Mr. Lazy
Mr. Messy 
Mr. Mischief
Mr. Right
Mr. Snow
Mr. Tall
Mr. Tickle
Mr. Topsy-Turvy
Mr. Uppity
Mr. Worry
Mr smiley 
Mr. Cool
Mr. Good
Mr. Rude
Mr. Cheeky
Mr. Christmas 
Mr. Brave
Mr. Cheerful
Mr. Miserable 
Mr. Nonsense
Mr. Nosey
Mr. Quiet
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Grumble
Mr. Rush
Mr. Silly
Mr. Skinny
Mr. Slow
Mr. Small
Mr. Sneeze

The Little Miss Lassies

Little Miss Dotty
Little Miss Fickle
Little Miss Fun
Little Miss Giggles
Little Miss Greedy
Little Miss Helpful
Little Miss Late
Lile Miss Late
Little Miss Greed
Little miss Outfie
Little Miss Helpful
Little Miss Late
Little Miss Lucky
Little Miss Magic
Little Miss Naughty
Little Miss Neat
Little Miss Quick
Little Miss Scatterbrain
Little Miss Shy
Little Miss Somersault
Little Miss Splendid
Little Miss Star
Little Miss Stubborn
Little Miss Tidy
Little Miss Tiny
Little Miss Trouble
Little Miss Twins
Little Miss Wise

I'll take Little Miss Splendid for the time being, but I've had my share of feeling similar to a character or two, or three, from the above described list.

Think about which character you can relate to right now, and which one you'd like to aspire to.

Don't forget that smile that lives just below the nose part of your face.

It's always there, it just tends to hide sometimes.

Here's to having a little Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine on your side for the remainder of the week!



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Katie said...

Love this one!
-Little Miss Thankful to have a talented friend such as yourself!

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