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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fluffy fashionista fancies

I'm delighted to welcome these party
gempieces to the closetfinds...

Additonally, a package arrived safely at my doorstep bearing the new custom festival belt

This was fashioned using upcycled leather and a couple of rusted chains I found near an abandoned building by the Salton Sea.
Go on... 
Burst into song.

Preferably, into Aretha's You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.

Especially you fellers, if you've made it this far.



Mark said...

Those rusted chains you found...those are mine! I've been looking everywhere. Never mind what I was doing in that abandoned building. It was a rough night a long time ago, and I'm not even sure how I got to the Salton Sea. Oh well, now that you've made them into such a nice little belt thing, you can have them. Happy Friday to you.

Ringo Firefly said...

Thank you kindly for the thoughtful gift Mark! The chains look as though they've seen better days! I promise to give them a happy home x

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