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Saturday, December 17, 2011

'Tis the Season for Sweet Confections and Family Rivalry

Throughout this special time of year, you'll find the sweet smells of warm gingerbread slowly drifting their way from the kitchen and into living rooms far and wide.

The steadfast ovens work hurriedly to meet the sweet-toothy needs of families gathered together in celebration.

Adults, with their mulled wines and spiced egg nogginess join children to anxiously await their share of love from the oven.

In a over the river and through the woods sort of festive manner, my family fleshums partake in this very tradition of holiday baking each year.

The love and energy that arises from the hustle and bustle in the kitchen transcends into these sweet little treats, as they lovingly become works of art.

Ah, the very smell of Christmas renders a very cushy sort of feeling of all that is home.

However, in the very competitive spirited nature of my kindred folk, the fussing over sweets and treats has turned into a fiercely, cut throat, throw down the gauntlet, to the death, sort of battle as we fight to the finish in an epic bake-off of bake-offs.

 I take great delight knowing that each year we reap the benefits of a little healthy competition required for the furious baking crusade where creativity knows no boundaries.

I can just taste the excitement.

holiday candyland cupcakes
steamy-hot candy cane chocolate

festive holiday colorfuls

icy blue snowflakes and chocolate

holiday hugs and kisses

dainty sugar cookies
treats for the starry-eyed

sugary snowflakes

frosty confections

candied partridges in pear trees 

sweetened snow-flurried cupcakes

This year, I'm thinking
a gourmet hot cocoa bar for christmas morning

complete with a marshmallow 
snowman making station
for the kids

...and extra servings of vanilla and hazelnut liqueurs for the adults.

because nothing is better on christmas morning than a hot cup of cheer with peppermint schnapps

Looking forward to all the magical, holiday sweet treat goodness. There ought to be enough of it this year to make even the Pillsbury doughboy beam and giggle with pride.

Oh, how I do love a good family on a good holiday.


now then, 
let the games begin...



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