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Monday, December 5, 2011

European Cheese Holiday Platter

Four hotshots to make the December cheese plate cut:

Give these tasty little morsels a holiday go.

Clockwise from the mini wheel:

Brunet (Italy) - a creamydreamy young goaty, (yes the Italians make goat cheese!), with notes of lemon and a edible rind.

Cranberry Stilton (England) - This English beauty is a sharp creamy cow's milk. A perfectly beautiful, crumbly fit for a salad, or a gorgeous holiday dessert.

Pilota (France)
combo sheep and cow's milk, savory and meaty
great for melting, or with a side of fruit.

Vintage reserve Gouda (Holland)
You may be surprised to discover that this delicious rich, firm cow's cheese may be older than you are.

Entertain your guests this season with a taste of travel.

I promise you will be loved, adored and the proud recipient of holiday cards for years on end.


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