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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Moon: a hazy blue night gone beautiful

Early today, dedicated skywatchers who rose before the waking sun in the wee hours of the morning
were generously rewarded with a spectacular and unusually rare celestial treat of a total lunar eclipse.

 The very sight of the enchanting red moonset made for a breathtaking Saturday morning spectacle.

i see a red moon and i want it painted black.

After all, it's not everyday that the moon is engulfed by the shadow of the earth.

An occasion as momentous as this deserved a proper breakfast picnic complete with apricot scones, ginger jam, fresh berries, spinach quiche muffins, juice, 
and commemorative moonpies of course.

Moonpies by the moon, you ask?

Why yes of course!

Moonpies in the sky make for a delightul moonlight snack. Especially when eaten beneath a blood-orange red orb high up in the night sky overlooking the Pacific Sea.

by Paul Miller

Such a treat, and now the lunar eclipse
countdown begins again.
It's set for June 4, 2012, or T-Minus 176 days

Heaps of love to the moon and back.


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