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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Trees for the nonconventional

O, christmas tree...
O, tannenbaum...

Eco-minded consumers far and wide have taken to new measures to celebrate the holiday spirit
without the messy pine needles, 
the hassle of treecycling, 
the melted branches, 

or living with the harrowing guilt from yoking a natural tree to a car rooftop only for it to later become curbside dump rubbish.

This year, why not follow their lead and have a truly, green holiday?

for the librarian 

for the artist

what child wouldn't squee for this tree?

recycled paper towel rolls

this is what happens when you venture into the beyond section at the Bed Bath and Beyond

for the urbanite

a festive lobster trap tree made from 152 lobster traps
don't worry about the smell, just think of all the holiday cheer you'll bring to the lobsters
now safe in their watery homes

for the bookworm

just woodplanks and candlesticks

for the beer drinker

 for the water junkie in your life

tired of tires?

a festive steel tree

a delicious and tasty looking sushi tree

recycled snow shovel tree

make lots of new holiday friends with a donut tree

ever wondered what to do with all of those wine corks?

a bicycle tree

a steel, scrap tree

Go on,
You know you'd love to give those Charlie Browner's a run for their money to remember
 what the holidays are really about.

The planet will thank you.


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