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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elf on the Shelf: Tradition for Sale

Ah, tradition... Anyone who knows me is well aware that I'm no stickler for convention. This is why I'm quite amused with the Elf on the Shelf practice that's trending wildly now.

If you have young children around, it's quite likely you're already well aware of the manufactured elf. The concept stems from a best selling children's book set, entitled The Elf on the Shelf which includes this minature elf tasked with Santa surveillance.


After purchase, the creepy little elf is named by the child, and the said child is then instructed to be on their very best behavior. Reason being that this elf is poised to keep tabs on the child, and it is his sole responsibility to report back to Santa with these details.

Essentially, it is this very elf that has the final word as to whether the child makes the naughty or nice list.

We recently started this practice with my nephew Jack, and at a whopping 22 months, he is totally buying this new holiday lie tradition in the name of good Christmas spirit.

The elf's position is moved each night, so that he is found each following morning in a new, unexpected location. While scouring about the interweb, I've found that there are legions of folks now participating in a frenzied fury of creating a new habitat each day for this pixie scout as though it was competitive sport.

Extreme Elf on the Shelf ?

I find it quite perplexing that despite the elf's massive responsibility of being the guardian and keeper of the truth, he's been caught partaking in inappropriate elf behavior, setting a poor example himself.

to his downright naughty elf behaviors.

pill popping boozehound elf

ménage à trois elf

it puts the lotion in the basket elf 

elf in the box?

Dexter elf on the shelf
(don't fret, he only kills bad guys)

We're having a hoard of merriment with The Elf on the Shelf ideas, despite living with the knowledge that our ruse of Santa has been extended to now include a tiny, creepy, wayfaring elf.

Personally, I've come to terms with the the elfin brood, and have accepted that there are voyeuristic, mischievous elves invading the homes of families everywhere.

We're going to continue to enjoy this fallacy until the day comes when we unleash the sad truth about the myths of the jolly fat man in red, and big brother elf on my darling nephew.

For now, we're taking great delight in the Christmas joy and magic that this creepy little elf with a watchful eye is bringing to our family and friends.

...and he's certainly a whole lot less frightening than the even creepier, CreepyMcCreeper Krampus

Gut Krampus nacht!

Hide your kids!!! Hide your wife!!!
The Anti-Claus is coming to town!

According to ancient legend in the Central European mountainous regions, while Santa is busy visiting all the good little children of the world, the utterly creepy Krampus (a cross between a devil and a goat), pays a special visit to the naughty children. This should cause great concern to every Child Protection Agency on the face of the planet.

Again sending the following message:

You better be DAMN good for Christmas little boys and girls.

Welcome to todays brilliant marketing, where tradition is now on sale for the meager price of approximately $29.95.

Love them or loathe them, these wee elves aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.
Tradition or pure unadulterated evil?
You decide.

For more shelfy elfscapades take a peek at the Flickr group dedicated to the mischievous little sprites


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