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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Auld Lang Syne and all the good stuff to you

It's December 31, 2011
The clock strikes twelve.
When suddenly it's 2011 once again,
and you are given the chance to redo everything.

Would you? 

The ever grand, glamorous and romantic New Year's Eve is nigh.
The last day of the calendar year.

the dazzling lights,
the sparkling bubbly,
and the emotional undertaking.

 a clean slate, a time for change and fresh starts.
 a time for reflection and age old tradition,
as the stroke of midnight ushers in 2012.

When I give thoughts to the ghosts of new year's past, I have to throw a smile to Father Time, knowing well that he is having his way with me.

an incandescent New York Times Square
kissing beneath a shower of dropping balloons 
camping beneath a starlit sky
a beach bonfire soiree
fireworks peppered above an ice blue Tahoe City lake
Las Vegas glitterati
the bush dive of Union Square, San Francisco
watching the ball drop from a cozy couch
a roaring fire inside a snow cabin
swimming in warm, tropical Hawaiian waters
a whimsical, speakeasy style 1920's themed party

...and other fond memories of yesteryore.

This year I'll be tying one on at a quiet piano bar.
with a flute (or two) of effervescent bubbly stars,
taking awe in another year's passing,
and marveling in the magic of time.

In a vintage dress in lieu of the over the top ordinary sequins. For I am clothed in great strength and dignity these days.

It's been a year of deep self reflection, great healing, and immense growth. I am very much looking forward to all that 2012 has to offer.

ill met by moonlight

Wherever you are my friends, I wish you love, light, forgiveness, healing, joy, contentment and all the good stuff to allofyous.

I wish you...

new beginnings
new hopes
new dreams

happy new year
happy new days
happy new desires
happy new chances
happy new you

A heaping cup of love and kindness to each of you.
Cheers to this new year,
but most of all, to you my friends.

Have a beautiful evening, whether you ring in the new year with a bang, or let it sneak in quietly. Above all, make certain to make it to January 1, 2012 unscathed.


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