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Friday, December 21, 2012

Waiting for something beautiful

So this is it.
The end of the world.

And here I thought it was only the beginning of the final weekend of holiday shopping.

Yet no asteroids careeening into the surface of the earth, no horrible mutations of the zombie sort*, not a single, rogue black hole, no four horsemen riding forth from the dregs of hell to punish the wicked, no earth crumbling beneath the depths of our feet, no megaquakes, supervolcano activity, nor other hideous apocalyptic options, as of yet.

*and I was so looking forward to kicking some Zombie ass to save the planet's inhabitants from having their delicious, meaty brains devoured.

I'm quite certain that big star in the sky has still have a bit of life left in it before it turns into a hulking red giant, and though it has yet to strike midnight, I trust that we are still spinning on our axis, and sincerely hope that all bets for life terminating on earth are off by now.
Perhaps what's really occurring is that we have latched onto eager desires to have our slates wiped clean?

And that we're long overdue for a reset.
So before we get around to lamenting the old order, perhaps we should get to building a new one?

We are not alone, and this is not the end of our story.
Besides, I'm still trying to figure out if midnight is the beginning, or the end of the day.


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