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Monday, December 17, 2012

Bathroom Clutter Busting Sunday

It has come to my attention that I'm in desperate need of a clutter intervention. Which means that the time has come for some hard-hitting, life-changing, no effing around, deep-cleaning, life-changing organization.

Why even my blog at this point is in need of some reformatting to create room for some extra storage, having maxed out my 1GB quota for photos after publishing 490 blog posts, and 267 drafts! 

I've been eyeing varying bits of tidy home porn floating about the interwebs. Sites of the pinning and finger-down-my-throat-vomit-inducing Martha Stewart variety, and other pages of the disgustingly organized that lend detail to spectacular bathroom organization projects.

The kind where people place select rolls of toilet paper into wicker baskets and sorting devices such as this:

Then I set to begin the daunting process of eliminating the existing crapcastle beyond my bathroom cupboards. If I am indeed set to take up the entire internet with my wordiness and likeness for photographic images, I need to very well ensure that my living space becomes a bit more livable.

With this, I elected to spend my Sunday afternoon incarcerated in my bathroom for good reason.

I set out to take on the grand poobah of bathroom organization.

It's really, rather remarkable how quickly those hair products start to accumulate,

as do the tubings of toothpaste,
and the odds and ends of personal effects.

 Turns out I have an excess of products for self grooming and an overstocked medicine cabinet stock full of contents that would make even Lindsey Lohan weep.

It had been so long since I ransacked the repository, I nearly felt like a kid on Christmas morning finding such elapsed delights such as the oh so former and wondery,"no scream cream", used for utterly barbaric practices of the female sort,

and band aid collections well on their way to starting their own dust bunny collections.


One thing was for certain, it was high time to ferret out the old bacon hand and bath soap.

I believe this to be my son's?

The tidying went really, rather well but led to much mental anguish, and a near Varsi meltdown. In an effort to maintain my sanity, I headed off to the nearest organizational storage container selling facility and returned home with an excess of bins, a mission, and a firey spark in the crook of my eye.

Back to the bathroom for round two it was. With the garbage bags now nearly bursting at their seams and a heavy sweat on my brow, the makings of a far more systematized washroom slowly started to rear its much welcomed head.

Then finally, order.

Well received order of the red carpet salute kind.


I was no longer playing a game of bathroom cabinet Tetris, nor sinking into a organizational Bermuda Triangle. 

Prim and proper, in an orderly fashion everything surely fell into place. 

Best of all? 

Out with the formers!

Yes, I was delighted to run into my dear old sap of a sad chum, this charming little Pac Man ghosty tin formerly used to keep my blue happy pills.

You see, the beauty of getting off all your pharmaceuticals is that one day you may just stumble into your fine collection of expired goods, and can happily toss them out with yesterday's rubbish.

Wiped my hands clean, no more meds!

It's been nearly fourteen months since I've defeated those pesky capsules.

It made for the better part of the day, maybe even the entire year.
Good riddance!

Hours upon hours later, there was a bit of a gasp, then something other a snortgiggle.

Imagine my delight when before my wandering eyes did appear a lavatory that was less muddled and more spa!

I was delighted to be reaquainted with an old friend, my beloved long lost countertop.

I'm feeling incredibly satisfied at the moment. Why, if I was the smoking type, this would be the perfect occasion to light up, but I'm certainly going to take up smoking for such purposes.

I think I'll just hit the shower to consider my next organizational undertaking.

Operation Teenage Boy's Room.
Dare I?

Perhaps a celebratory glass of wine is in order.

I believe it was well earned.
Cheers dears!


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