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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sticky Pudding Parties and Holly Jolly Follies

The wintry, December, yuletide has arrived in full force, and before all the "Holly Jolly Christmas" hustle and bustle that comes with this most wonderful time of the year commences, I decided to treat my friendmates to an early break of the holiday kind.

  My initial thoughts were to host a holiday fete where each guest brings all needed materials to carry out an action from a holiday song, non-denominational of course.

For example, a guest could bring chestnuts and plan to roast them over an open fire, as is done in "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,"

Drink "Gin and Tonicas" from Adam Sandler's popular "Happy Hanukkah,"

or bring figgy pudding from "We wish you a Merry Christmas."

Shortly thereafter, I realized it was going to be far too complex an event to organize within the narrow window of time I had to arrange something that would coincide with our annual Ocean Beach Holiday Parade, a silly, beach-themed, eclectic, holiday parade perfectly suited for eccentrics.

It was decided that it would be a Sticky Pudding Party yielding a variety of holiday puddings such as, figgy pudding, plum pudding, and rice pudding.

Following this, I realized that making three types of pudding was going to go far beyond what I was willing to carry out in one given afternoon.

The end result?

Rice pudding, desserts, mulled wine, spiced bourbon cider and fantastical holiday cheese.

Featuring Pierre Robert a decadent triple cow cream, Red Hawk a sinful washed rind variety, Truffle Tremor a velvety goat meets earthy truffly treat, and a holiday white cranberry stilton beauty, adorned with edible metallic-shelled, chocolate covered, hazelnut embellishments.

"Baby it was cold outside", but we all kept warm and toasty with the "Peace on earthy" goodness of my holiday pudding, spiced bourbon cider and enough steamy, mulled wine to get the hearts-a-flowing with much mistetoe'ing. 

Guests brought potlucky items, and additional booze to drink to the Dickens.

Why even my homemade Chilean Malbec made its inaugural appearance. 

And it was actually fit for human consumption, what a relief!

We wore our holiday finest, the white fuzzy trimmed Santa hats, and the rockin' "pa-rum-pa-pum-pumtastic" outfits of red and green for the festive occasion. Costumes were highly encouraged for the event, and no one was allowed to be a scrooge!

Thereafter, in an "over the river and through the woods" sort of festive manner (over the river and through the woods meaning a two-block walk) we made our merry way to the 33rd Annual Ocean Beach Holiday Parade, which commenced sharply at 5:05pm, OB time.
the VW bug run

a tree-topped spectacle

Santa Yoda taking in the sights

the man in red himself

our seaside tree, OB style

  What an arsekicking parade, I believe it's safe to say we were all be pleased as "Partridges in pear trees." It was certainly sweeter than anything any of us could find "Away in a manger", and I trust that my guests all slept a "Silent Night" afterwards.

even our reindeer pup!

Hot cups of cheer, holiday pudding, reindeer games, and all the fun was had.

I am fully prepared for the holiday hurry now, although I have to admit I may need to avoid certain someplaces which play incessant traditional holiday music.

Believe me I don't want to hear what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas anymore than you do.


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