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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Brave Little Toaster

It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that I must share the terrible news of the passing of a great kitchen appliance.

Please join me as I bid a fond farewell to a very brave little toaster.

I acquired this little treasure of a gadget, nearly seventeen years ago whilst trotting about the island of Hawaii. It was sold to me from a friend who was departing the Aloha State at that place in time.

The whole transaction put me out exactly four dollars.

Since then, Toaster has been in the family like a loyal pup, faithfully working with great purpose to bring my son and I a daily part of our nutritious breakfast over the years.

 The Eggo waffles, the bagels, and delivering the occasional Pop Tart to perfectly toasted perfection.

Why it even did its part to kindly warm bread without flaw, so that I could stamp pirate imprints on the young lads morning fare, and to accompany side dishes of breakfast.

Toaster didn't just toast any ordinary, meager, mundane toast, but toasts of the exotic kind like Ciabattas and sweet raisin crisps readied for flavory toppings such as:

  sweet orange marmalade
  butter, powdered sugar, and cinnamon
  creamed coconut jam
  guacamole, garlic, and salsa verde for heartier, mealtime toast.

Additionally, Toaster has served well to fascinate my son and I.

He was a really, rather remarkable, sort of mechanism being able to magically whisk everyday, humdrum'ish sliced bread into a browned meal of sorts via infrared radiation. 

Plus, the anticipation of ejecting toast from his spring-loaded tray action was always a wee bit of a nailbiter, that I much enjoyed.

Mother bought me this shiny, polished, fancy replacement quite some time ago, but it doesn't quite have the feel of an old relic, having been well worn and loved.

I suspect that this could have very well been the type of toaster that the Tin Man himself dreamed of possessing with its lustrous and sheeny, new, spitshined, carlike, exterior.

It behaves and functions properly with zero quirks, and does well to toast my breads now really, rather nicely. However,  it doesn't quite bear the charm of an old friend, nor does it fit in Toaster's former space quite as snugly.

At the moment, it feels like a threatening scrapbit of metal. It smells of newness, and lacks the solace that everyday creature comforts can provide. To be perfectly honest, I don't even know if it's a boy or girl toaster yet.

My unusual penchant for fanciful things past, and beloved timeworn keepsakes is of no help with this matter.

For now, all that remains is this stranger in the room, and the remnants of crumblies left fondly behind on the countertop by our beloved Toaster.

Such is life, and I'm afraid I have to commence with creating a new relationship of sorts with this foreign appliance.

Farewell, my brave little toaster, and thank you for your astounding contributions to this family.

I know you wrung out every last bit of living you had in you. Know that you will remain in our hearts as we move forward with the breakfasts down the road.

It just won't be the same here without you.

I hope you're up there in a crispy, buttery, paradise now.


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