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Monday, December 31, 2012

The 11th hour

A lot can happen in a year.

A shifting of paradigms,
challenges to your belief system,
adaptations to change,
a rearranging of feelings.

...and the clock continues to tick life away

You see, time isn't timeless.

Those "they" folks say it takes a life to learn how to live. I believe this to be true, for I am learning this by and by, as the years go past.

You live
you love
you lose
you bleed
you learn

You find that life can be quite the emotional journey,
and one hell of a wild ride.

This time of year lends to the perfect timing and natural tendency to look back and reflect. A time to dissect the year's milestones and mishaps.

Reflection is healthy and critical for development.
So, here I am, hunting down the calendar memories, and pecking at the words to chronicle the year's passings.

Here's what I learned in 2012:

money is not the root of all evil, fear is

your thoughts create reality

keep yourself in excellent company

those who aren’t the easiest to love are the ones who need it the most

being kind is far more important than being right

find work that leaves you happy

keep your hands busy with books and hobbies

keep your head filled with dreams, big dreams, as they create your future

saying no is incredibly liberating

accepting help is not a sign of weakness

gratitude can change your life

have the courage to express your feelings

kiss people who find you to be extraordinary

give back to others, cultivate altruism

let it go

there is always a graceful solution to every problem

May this be your year to follow dreams,
your turning of the tide.

Your year to live
to believe
to give
to receive
to share a smile
to fall in love
to walk an inch
to run a mile
to dive into sunsets
to forgive
to forget
to love more
to hate less
to love where you’re going
to embrace where you’ve been

and maybe even to welcome a new gray hair, or two.

I'd like to pay a special tribute to the incredible humans I met in 2012, to the loyal friends and family who have stayed at my side along the tumultuous journey of life, and to my readers who choose to share a small part of their precious time with me everyday.

I could have never predicted the life I have today would be rich with such ridiculously beautiful people.

My only resolution this year?

I resolve to make mistakes, guaranteed.

Marvelous mistakes that I learn remarkable things from.

For making mistakes can only mean that I'm trying and testing new things, that I'm chasing dreams, that I'm learning and living without the fear of failing.

 I will allow my mistakes to define who I am.

 I will learn and grow with each choice that I make, right or wrong, and in the end there will be no regret.

I decided quite recently that I would rather spend my life making mistakes, than being trapped in the mundane rut of living out a safe, but humdrum'ish life.

I am through with short-lived resolutions.
Instead, I plan to flub, and to allow my blunders to provide me with insight and perspective. I shall carry this out the entire year, and for the remainder of my days on earth.

Most importantly, I truly resolve to surprise myself,
so that I can write a better story next year.

2013 is the next chapter of our lives.
How will your story be told?

Here's to making better mistakes and 365 new chances

Be safe out there my beautiful friends,
and cheers, my dears.

Happy 2013



Jillian Jaladhi Lange said...

Ringo, this post is truly stunning... filled with insight, truth, beauty and inspiration. Thank you for your words!!! Love you! <3 Jillian

Ringo Firefly said...

Many thank yous! Love you back heaps! Cheers to a clean slate x

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