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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The witching hour draws nigh...

Ah, The Night of the Hunter
All Hallow's eve
Devil's Night
Harvest Tide

My dearest and most treasured of holidays.

A uncanny night for ethereal and unearthly beings to drift across the surface of the earth.

An evening for chilling, blustery, midnight picnics in secluded spots beneath dark and cloudy shapeshifting skies.


A twilight of safe refuge for the mismatched,

for those viewed as "different"

for those alienated for being so.

A night for green and gold flashing eyes,
and figures shining white.

An evening for tricks,
and bloodlusting.

A grand affair of carousing like no other,
with haunty, accompanying theme songs of the Danny Elfman sort.

The dead leaves have taken flight, the cats sparkled, the pumpkins carved and ready for the night's flickerings.


All is set to ride upon the seductive tail of the blood red moon on this enchanted eve.
Happy Halloween my thirsty nightcreatures. 
I do hope it’s a spooktacular evening. 
Enjoy the candied confections and the hair raising spirits. 

Above all, make certain to have a safe and wonderfully wicked devil's night.

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