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Monday, October 8, 2012

A boy, a typewriter, and a camera

What happens when you combine the artistry of photography with honeyed garlands of typewritten verse?

Photo Credit: insidesocal.com

A warm and fuzzy feeling that sweeps over as you take to enjoying the work of a talented lad.

Meet mastermind, Mike McFarland,

I do hope you can forgive that I've abused my letter "M" privileges for the sake of emphasis and sound quality.

or *harrumph* the eye of Mr. McFarland.

Somewhere in the aethers of the interwebs, I bumbled onto his lovely website,

A Typewriter and a Camera

which can be found here:

While visiting his webpage, one will find his combined genius and art compiled into one handy place. 

A cozy place where an assortment of his inventive headthoughts are married with images that will leave you wonderstricken with gladness and admiration:

all facebook cover image worthy, I might add.
 images unless otherwise stated, are the exclusive property of Mike McFarland

Photo Credit: Samia Phipps

Images such as these...

only you have the supreme honor of being yourself

you may hear my little beak tap the window
as I peek into your flightless life

tell me the things that you'd like to do,
and then, one by one,
i'll do them with you.

let's grab our map, run out of town,
and find a tree we've never found

Photo Credit: fanpop.com

I too, believe that the gnomes know things that we pretend not to know.
For more of Mike's work, please pay him a visit over at:

A camera didn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel.
- Peter Adams


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