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Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 2nd Annual American Cheese Month!

A warm and fuzzy welcome to the first of October! 

Get set for a monthlong celebration during the upcoming days of frivolous, heaping-good fun honoring Vegetarians, Columbus, Black History, the United Nations, Breast Cancer Awareness,  Fall harvest'ing, Halloween'ing and cheese'ing!

Yes my friends, back by popular demand,
 it's American Cheese Month again!

Now, with it's very own website and Twitter hashtag #AmCheeseMonth, let the social media frenzy and delicious eats begin! 

How will you get involved during this cheesiest of months?

Why you can...

1). Host a cheese tasting party, pairing cheeses with anything and everything. 
there's an app for that!

2). Tour a farm, facility, tasting room, onsite restaurant, or retail outlet.

3). Study a cheese glossary.

4). Take a class, or get yourself a book and have your hand at cheesemaking.

5). Have a rousing game of Cheese or Font.

6). Start a cheese club.

7). Enjoy some cheese cinema.

8). Challenge yourself to try some new cheeses.
31 days = 31 cheese chances!

Whatever you do, make certain to seize the perfect excuse to get your hands on some of the fine, cheesy goodstuff

all the livelong month

Happy American Cheese Month!



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