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Monday, October 29, 2012

The soft ripened cheeses, and science!

The October installment of the Queso Diego monthly meetings included an intimate gathering between the fromagophiles and the bloomy rinds.

It didn't take long for us to become well acquainted with the soft and velvety bloomed cheeses, spanning the course from Bries, Camemberts, Bucherondins and Valencays.

Member Jennifer aged this fresh goaty for ten days before we swallowed it up nearly whole.

Heather made a couple contributions including this here divine, bloomy blue chevre.

A double cream camembert was a much welcome treat to our spread. This was handmade by member Charles using all geotrichum candidum, because we're curdy and nerdy!

Mary Palmer of Taste Cheese was aboard and brought these here lovelies: 

Torta - a vegetarian, Spanish sheep cheese made with cardoon thistle in lieu of traditional rennet, an animal enzyme. 


 Banon de Chalais - Hailled from France, this tasty is steeped in Brandy and beautifully wrapped in chestnut leaves.

A member's tasting plate.

Lining up the cheese samples

Special guest presenter Aurelio Fernandes from Fytozimus, a specialist Biotech company, joined us to discuss some new plant-derived enzymes for cheesemaking. 

Four artisanal, milk custard glorious, soft-ripened varieties for sampling to include: Brie de Meaux, Explorateur triple creme, Humboldt Fog and Monte Enebro were also generously supplied by Mary Palmer.

The award-winning, Monte Enebro was a featured highlight of the evening. This Spanish, goat-milked beauty is made unique by the use of mold inoculation typically used in making Roquefort varieties.

Member Laurie, delivered a fantastic presentation covering the soft ripened cheeses. Including the cheesemaking process, characteristics and aging profiles.

While member and award-winning cheesemaker, Horace Bixby shared his homemade camembert with us. We reaped the rewards of his cheese expertise.

Yet another delicious eve for the cheese books. 
Thanks to all who attended!


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