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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hideous Halloween Decorations and Epic Fails of the Season

Because nothing says Halloween quite like pink flamingos.

Be on the lookout for spine-chilling apparitions of the Hulk and Homer Simpson kind

a bloodcurdling combination of Snoopy and Hello Kitty

red, white, and boo

inflatable anythings with lights, sound and animation

a macabre inflatable pooh bear to instill fright and curbside appeal 

don't forget the bounciest, trounciest, pounciest, and most eeriest creature to make it out of the 100 Acre Wood alive

a pumpkin-studded, Autumn moose


Dr. Frankenstein the Snowman

take a load off and relax in the shower with this seasonal curtain

under no circumstances should you ever dress up your sweet child as Hannibal Lecter, 
even if you do wish for silence

I think we must expect great things from you Mr. Potter. 

Things such as giant-sized termites.

 this is just all sorts of wtf-ery?

a living misshapen ethereal being made entirely from a neon light string

Hoppy Holloween!

Don't forget to step over those black cats today.



Tina Walker said...

What a mishmash of discombobulated decor, all pretty worthless.

Sad what people do to try to commercialize and or water down a perfectly good holiday. Just give me candy for my costume and leave it at that!

Boo spooooookies!

Ringo Firefly said...

It's entertaining no less... I'll take the candy too, not the Kool-Aid ;)

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