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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fire Garden Renaissance Presents: A concert in the garden

 If you've largely forgotton the value of beauty, it's high time you reevaluate where it is that you're finding it.

 the smile on a child's face?
the shimmer of holiday decorations?
a breathtaking sunset?
the crimson, brown, and yellow shades of Autumn?
inane laughter?

I find much of it in art, particularly music, which is why I'm elated for this upcoming weekend event. 

The rare occasion to witness the true reverence of a enchanting instrument, the opportunity to experience the spellbinding sounds of the piano playing softly in the dusk. 

Photo credit: jeremyweinglass.com

Meet Jeremy Weinglass, an award winning, classically trained, Composer and Concert Pianist whose fate was sealed at a tender age while exploring the physics of the powerful instument's sound.

He's set to perform an evocative piece this Saturday, October 6, at the Bonsall Fire Garden, a tranquil sanctuary nestled in the foothills of San Diego's North County.

His works are little aural treasures, and I'm intoxicated waiting to experience the vivid soundscape, and witness the sun slowly setting into the backdrop just behind the ambient light radiating from the garden's fire sculptures.

Photo credit: firegardenevents.com

Of course an evening at the fire garden wouldn't be complete without a good old fashioned fire show. Not to fret, as these lovely folks have it covered with special guest fire performances courtesy of Unifier Collektive and Fire n Ice Entertainment.

And as an added treat, we'll be graced with the inaugural work of visionary performance Artist, Zoe Tantrum to tell the fantastical theatrical tale of "Illumination".

Photo credit: Fabio Arcinegias

 "A whimsical journey blurring the lines of what is real and what is imagined.
The place where dreams form and enlighten."

I like to think of this act as a magical someplace, much similar to that safehouse that lies somewhere between dreaming peacefully and pleasantly awakening.

Chef Cameron will be on deck serving up appetizers to please every palette, to include vegetarian and vegan delights, along with a fine selection of South American wines.

And of course, the Fire Garden Signature Cocktail, "The Pomegranate Martini" will be served to those in attendance.

Photo credit: Globetrotter Jack

The magic awaits this Saturday, October 6, 2012,
beginning at 6pm and leading up to the witching hour.

An evening where $40 gains you a ticket to the scrumptious tastes, cocktails, and live entertainment at

Caught your fancy?
Further details available here:


I do hope you'll consider joining me for the evening of enchantment, beauty, a glass of wine, and Jeremy Weinglass.

And if perchance, you're unable to do so,
make certain to find a way to enliven your search for beauty.

For what if you could see beauty in everything?


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