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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wine School

I've been following additional pursuits of interest these days, fetching things such as, coaxing my firey passion to learn by studying cheese, and pursuing a higher education in the Business of Wine

No joke, there's a really-real wine school around these parts. I am more than pleased to be one of the first students enrolled in the revamped program offered at San Diego State University at the moment,  one specializing in helping students to uncork new careers.

The best part?
Wine tasting during class. 

After all those years of Forensic Chemistry, Biology, Criminal Evidence, and Report Writing lectures, I finally found a classroom perfectly suited to my needs. I honestly can't seem to figure out why I just didn't study wine the first go around.

Had someone told me several years ago that I'd be enrolled in a new program again as a student, I would have choked on my laughter. Yet, here I am choking on my own words, while devouring all that there is to learn from the fascinating world of fine wines.

• the chatty aromas of the fruit driven Rieslings
• the bright, golden apple colors of the Sancerre varietals
• the distinct pebbly, minerality from a classic Bordeaux
• the complex flavor changes in Gerwurtztraminers
• the earthy, cedarbox taste of a Red Cotes Du Rhone
• the oaky, sweet notes of sarsaparilla from an aged Grenache
• the zesty smell of apricots, white peaches, tangerine and white flowers in an Albarino
• the effervescent bubbly of tarty lemon from a vinho verde  
• the tear stains on the glass of a black fruited Malbec

I've never used so many descriptors and adjectives, and I for one am full of them!

Of course the educational program wouldn't be complete without a trip to Temecula for hands on time with the winemaking process.

These grapes were removed from this batch and were ours for the taking. I've never had a sweeter, more delicious tasting grape. Never. 
This is quite likely due to the fact that I've never had a wine infused grape in all my days.

You couldn't write this story if you tried, it's so far fetched. The headlines would read something to the effect of... "Forensic Scientist Gone Wackadoodle, Leaves Glamorous Career to Study Wine and Cheese!".

...and I couldn't be happier.

Even with the whole, heaping amount of studying there is to do before my exam next Tuesday.

Because at the end of the day, I quite like the burgundy stains on my notebooks.

Off to study now, and by study I mean "hit up a wine bar".


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