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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Choo Choo, I am Two

The weekend brought with it a grand celebration and a fitting rite of passage with the nephling's 2nd birthday affair. Much fussing and preparation went into ensuring the day was filled with mirth, merry, and a mahoosive meal. It's the way my family has been made to operate. We throw big time parties filled with family, friends, love and laughter, coupled with the given certainty that our cooking and party planning know no boundaries.

This year, a train party...

choo choo cupcakes

airy balloons in the walkways

Two days of iron chef preparations took place beginning with mother traveling to the vicinity armed with a suitcase ripping from the seams from being stuffed with frozen meats (apparently, the local grocer's meats around these parts are not up to mother's standards). A roast of oversized baggage fee proportions, colossal chicken, ceviche, fresh salsa, rice, beans, fruit kabobs, and cheese plate fixings ensued.

feast for the folks

a rainbow of fruit kabobbies

cheese fixins for the masses

Desserts flowed aplenty with bright, sugary train cookies, swirlypop cupcakes, while sno-cones led the way to chilly, frozen brains.

choo choo cookies

sno-cone machine had heaps of visitors

it's my party and i'll have four sno-cones if i want to...

A bounce house, hula hoops, and a piƱata.

All that is fitting for two year old royalty

Much of Sunday was spent hanging out with Grammy

Oh, and there was much huff and puff over a game with an egg-shaped ball that people throw with their hands. 
A fantastical weekend indeed.

Birthday happies to you Jackarooski. I'm so glad you've been with us for another year. Here's to all the goodness and perks of being two.


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