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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cuban Special: The $10 Sandwich, or why I no longer contribute to my retirement fund

I blame Annel and Drew, the delightful, the charming, the talented, the delicious foodmaking dream duo for my recent decrease in 401k contributions.

These two have wondertwin power-activated their foodie know-hows to create Annel and Drew's Kitchen which has dreamed up some of the best eats this city has to offer. Using only locally grown, hand-picked, organic produce from Suzie's Farm, Annel & Drew are a welcome mainstay to Wednesday eve good eats.

...and the retirement?

You see, I'm investing in my general well-being and happiness these days. This imparts bestowing my stomach generous doses of absolute deliciousness, which in turn has led the way to the Ocean Beach Certified Farmer's Market, and more specifically, this kiosk each Wednesday night for tasty bites and toothsome fodder.

3 Arrow Down Clip Art

Come midweek, many a fine folk find themselves around these parts to partake in the very same deliciousness that I seek. Be it with the specialty food vendors including crepes, lobster street tacos, torpastas, local honeys, vegan delights, hummus, ginger beverages, sweet caramel apples, fresh produce and enough free samples that you may just have to skip dinner. 

You may even find yourself take to streets dancing while accompanied by the local musicians who will treat your ears to music goodness.

You mustn't forget to scoop up a handful of flowers and a massive bag of Kettle Korn on your way out for sharing with the loved ones.

Ah yes, living a life that's rich with such happy sanctions now, such as good company and delicious food is a commitment I've made to myself.  I am after all, doing more of what I want and less of what responsibility has suggested for me these days. I've never been happier.

Back to the big ticket sandwich.

Without fail, I consistently make my way down to Newport Avenue (just four blocks away from my lilypad), to this post that needs little distinction other that a folded chalkboard menu and a nose to lead the way.

The dream team loyally makes a lovely camp here to feed the hungry masses of the many market-goers, myself included. 

Here, you'll find yourself religiously shelling out ten bucks for their Spiedie sandwich offering. Served with your choice of hormone-free meat (my favorite being lamb), then bathed in a heavenly marinade, toasted spices, lemon zesty goodness, garlic, is skewered then grilled to perfection and topped with a housemade cucumber dill yogurt sauce.

It doesn't end there, the goods are served on a fresh-baked, crusty, Sicilian style bread and adorned with local, organic baby greens, heirlooms, onions and avocado.

*I hope you can forgive the gloating*

Who needs a side of french fries with these tasty offerings of grilled balsamic artichokes?

Bright, fresh and dee-vinetastic.

This must be the food of the gods and goddesses. I'll be back next Wednesday, and the next, minus a $10 deduction from my life savings with each passing visit, thereby reducing my retirement funds altogether.

So, maybe I'll be destitute in my late years. Will it be worth it?


I bet they could raise their price by $15 dollars, tell me to go to hell (they wouldn't!), and I'd probably still show up wide-eyed, with a smug grin about my face asking for another hit of the spidie sandwich please.

Oh, how I do love a good seaside market in this little slice of paradise.

Whaddya mean it's not Wednesday yet?



Elliot Rosewater said...

Thanks for the piece. Still enjoy your work.

Ringo Firefly said...

Thanks for the accolades Elliot! I sure appreciate appreciation x

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